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Knowledge Spurs Innovation

The long history of Cannabis sativa prohibition and the associated stigma associated with cannabis use has resulted in a huge gap in our understanding of the cannabis plant and its potential uses. Decades of breeding efforts by underground cannabis growers have resulted in numerous cannabis ‘strains’ comprised of a patchwork of genetic hybrids from different cannabis plants. Different gene versions involved in THC biosynthesis, colour, and aroma (terpenes) have been selected for in these ‘strains’ but genes regulating natural pest resistance, nutrient uptake, and other agronomic traits are largely absent from current strain offerings.

Cannabis sativa is also an annual plant, meaning the plant relies on making seeds every year to survive. The reliance of vegetative cloning of select cannabis plants is an artificial method of delaying the natural growth habit of this annual plant. In order to transition Cannabis to a modern agricultural crop, the development of cultivars with predictable characteristics that can be planted by seeds must be developed.

BioCan Technologies is a research company focused on bridging the knowledge gap for a rapidly expanding industry. BioCan is leveraging decades of quantitative breeding in related Hop plants (Humulus lupulus), modern crop sciences, and genetic analysis to create Cannabis cultivars with predictable characteristics for both growers and consumers.

Pest Management Solutions

Cultivar development with an emphasis on fungal disease resistance traits
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Uniform Propagation

High throughput propagation platforms
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Production Platform

Novel genetic traits and homogeneous cannabis production
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