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About Biocan

Cannabis. Discovered.

Like many, we feel that the cannabis industry is poised to be a high growth, multi-billion dollar commercial enterprise upon cannabis legalization in Canada in 2018. Cannabis will also be a challenging crop to produce within Health Canada’s strict quality assurance requirements, and much of the expertise currently within the industry stems from the illegal markets whose practices are either antiquated, or simply prohibited under a legal cannabis regime.

BioCan Technologies is a research and biotechnology company developing technology-enabled solutions for cannabis production and quality assurance. BioCan Technologies leverages its expertise in molecular genetics to support cultivar development for Cannabis/Hemp (Cannabis sativa) and Hop (Humulus lupulus) plants, both of which are sources of valuable essential oils. BioCan Technologies has a corporate office in Calgary AB, and has established research collaborations at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and has its private laboratory and research facility in Burnaby, BC.

BioCan Technologies is a grower-orientated company that is investing in discovery-based research in order to facilitate new product offerings and growing systems for cannabis and hop plants. Our research not only furthers the fundamental understanding of how specialized metabolite (e.g. Cannabinoids and Terpenes) biosynthesis is regulated but also provides important targets for BioCan Technologies product development pipeline.

“In terms of modern cannabis cultivation we are in the early scientific phase. Most cultivation is done without scientific basis.”

BioCan Technologies CSO