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Mission Statement

BioCan Technologies aims to become the premier source for value-added cannabis and hop cultivars, cutting-edge horticultural support, and integrated pest management strategies to the booming cannabis, hemp and hop markets. BioCan Technologies has assembled a world-class team to develop and commercialize its technology offerings focusing on pest and disease resistant genetics, stabilized cannabinoid and terpene production platforms, and through the supply of pest management solutions for modern Cannabis agricultural practices. Let us help you bridge the knowledge gap with clear information rooted in science.

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The Knowledge Gap

The long history of Cannabis sativa prohibition and the associated stigma associated with cannabis use has resulted in a huge gap in our understanding of the cannabis plant and its potential uses. BioCan Technologies is a research company focused on bridging the knowledge gap for a rapidly expanding industry by using modern crop sciences, genetic analysis, and know-how gained from related hop plants (Humulus lupulus) to create Cannabis cultivars with predictable characteristics for both growers and consumers. Read more about our innovation

Pest Management Solutions

Cultivar development with an emphasis on fungal disease resistance traits
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Uniform Propagation

High throughput propagation platforms
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Production Platform

Novel genetic traits and homogeneous cannabis production
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